2018 Tool Gift List

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Now that the Turkey and Grandma's famous stuffing is gone its time to start checking off the list for those who were"尼斯this year.我已经列出了一个简短的工具清单,我们认为这些工具对工作现场的任何人都是完美的礼物。This is not a paid advertisement,these are tools we use ourselves and would buy again based on experience and the value we find in them.

Stocking stuffers under $25

C-RHEX™ Dual-Sided Magnetic Hex Drivers $6.99

These are truly 2 bits in-one.Perfect for the service bag or those that prefer to keep the little stuff in their pockets.This bit switches from 1/4″ to 5/16″ hex drive effortlessly.The bonus is being able to clean the magnet easily and go on with your work.Strong enough for install work but they seem to be a better fit for service in my opinion.Totally worth having a couple in your arsenal.


I've been wearing these gloves since the spring and I can honestly say these are some of the toughest $3 gloves I've ever tried.灵巧是一个必须的工作时,你的手,但保护不应忽视,这些削减一级保护手套提供了最好的两个世界。I've got as long as two weeks of use out of a single pair.Click the link on the"buy now"pic here for the lowest cost we have found.

OLFA LA-X18毫米玻璃纤维橡胶握把重型多用途刀10美元

这些刀真令人印象深刻!So impressive wegave away 300 of them我们的朋友和中心的追随者。Pair this knife with their super sharp 18mm LBB heavy-duty ultra-sharp black snap-off blade and it will likely be the last knife you ever want to buy.I'd recommend buying a handful,you can never have too many knives around!!

"Wrap-able"tools $25 – $$$

Felo Flexible Shaft Bit Holder/Driver $25

This is a game changer.It may seem simple and it is but without this flexible shaft driver I would be scrambling often to figure out and make thing work with less than desirable tools.Do yourself a favor,if you do any type of plumbing or hvac service,buy one and put it in your bag right away.你不会后悔的。Watch a video from my service call showing the driver being used.

Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun $129

Here's a tool I thought was going to be a dud,or at the very least only somewhat useful but man was I wrong.Its not going to replace a corded heat gun entirely but having it on my truck has proven invaluable.I never have to run a cord because I can do literally every daily job with battery power and this is no exception.单击此处或图片以获取我们找到的最低价格。

PVO1 Pipe Vise Portable Vise $150

这可能是我今年最喜欢的新工具!This heavy duty cast iron vise eliminates the fumbling around of two pipe wrenches and helps you finish the job faster,without busted knuckles.The Pipe Vise team consists of long-time plumber and his college age son down in Texas who are putting all their 金沙真人投注平台resources into building a useful tool business from the ground up.Not only will you be getting a super useful tool,you'll also be supporting the American dream.Watch the video here to see what how the pipe vise works.

Makita 36V Right Angle Drill $359(bare tool) – $469(kit)

Long gone are my extension cords.Rough-ins are a breeze without running a cord for this high demand job.I've been using this drill for months now and I have nothing but good to say about its power,smoothness and runtime.36V的容量不仅能打一拳,而且能让你在充电之间工作更长时间。This is the strongest,smoothest cordless right angle drill on the market.Click here or the pic to find it in stock and at the lowest price we have found yet.

VetoProPac Tech OT-MC $179

If you haven't owned a Veto then what I'm about to say is worth paying special attention to.Veto Pro Pac tool bags are the best tool bags available.Sure you can buy a less expensive bag but you'll be getting a lesser bag.There's no contest here.Buy once and use it for a decade or more,that's much less expensive than buying a lower cost bag.The OT-MC is my favorite bag ever.It has forced me to cut the clutter and weight but it has made me 10X more organized and a lot more efficient.

I hope this list has been useful,年底前我会分享更多。